Friday, October 13, 2006

It's Over

Yes the exams are over
Now i'm just waiting for the results
lets see
i knew how to do most of the papers
but thats how i felt at mid year...
and my mid year results were crap
so i really dunno what to expect...

anyways yesterday went 2 visit e wan
she gave birth to a healthy baby boy
but she's still undecided on the name

then went to PS with bryan,justin & song
ate and then went 2 stone at kino & borders & w8 4 my sis 2 finish sch
then we went shopping together @ marina sq
she bought a pair of shoes
i jus went cause i didnt want 2go home :D

spent 2day thus & fri @ home
catching up on movies and prep 4 my grandparent's anniversary dinner

2morrow going 2 sentosa!! yay!

anyways i'm jus hoping i'll b able to reach my target points...

Saturday, September 16, 2006

last 1... for now

this is going 2b my last entry be4 the exams.
MAN! this year has gone pass fast!
i'm now gonna set my mind 2 studying and trying 2 get 39 points (36+3 bonus) for my finals.

i got accepted into the cambridge winter school programme!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i've always wanted 2go 2 the UK
and now i am!!!!
3 cheers!!!!!!!!!! (even thou i'm technically going there to study!!)
(even more exciting thought... the medicine module!!!-- i'm gonna watch house m.d. 2 prepare 4 that module!)

Sunday, August 20, 2006

the aftermath

i havent updated in ages...
oh well
haven went... smoothly...
biotech fair!!
2nd place!!
lost 2 mg
the team had ryan wong's sister
who really looks like ryan
who daniel thinks is really ugly
so i guess ryan... daniel thinks yur ugly!
then had IMCB attachment
was... rather uneventful
got romeo and juliet test on mon
i really cant stand analysing these lit pieces
what's the point?
how do you know the writer's intention for writing a certain piece?
you... psychic???!?!
how do you know the writer isnt tossing and turning in his/her grave, jus cause the commonly accepted interpretation of his works is totally south?!?!
how do you know that the author didnt jus write that piece for fun?!?!
oh well...
gotten most of it out of my system now... :)
back to catching up
i missed like 1 month of school this term...

'when you wish upon a falling star, you dreams can come true...unless it is really a meteorite hurtling to earth which will destroy all life. Then your pretty much doomed no matter what you wish for. unless its death by falling meteorite.'

Saturday, July 22, 2006

choral excellance rox!!!!!!!!!
i was GREAT
my choir's 2 songs were perfect!!!!
yay we did it!!!!
choir 1 is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
then there was Battle of the Bands yesterday
ac br won
and i really think they deserved it
but i really feel bad for ac intl
they deserved to win top 3
but they ended up 4th
anyways any1 know how to use iweb 4 blogger templates?
i'll try post choral fest pics

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

choral excellance

oh well
choral festival concert 2morrow...
so fast!!!
its been a really fun experience!
i must say... MRS VALARIE WILSON ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!
anyhow i'm singing 2 really cool songs
Vem Kan Segla Forutan Vind
which is actually a sweedish folksong arranged by Mrs Wilson
it is really really nice, how mrs wilson focuses on creating space with the music
and the way she starts of the song... its... hauntingly beautiful... for a lack of a better term.
the second song is Salut De La Veille Des O
which is a REALLY cool piece which has 2 parts clashing almost all the time.
strangely, i can see the beauty in all the clashes
our guest choir is the piedmont choir all the way frm san fransisco USA
they are really gd... but guess what... their an SSA choir
so... it kinda feels weird for me 2 go talk to them...
i mean... i'm not used to being surrounded by estrogen...
i'm also singing 2 songs with the piedmont choir
a jazz piece called take the a train and a jap number called tsubasa
their really nice and catchy
and since there are only 4 acs pple and only 2 in my choir (im the only 1 in my section), i've become somewhat 'best friends' with the RI guy in my section... (:
oh well... come for the choral fest concert (my choir has abt 7 tix left). i'm sure u wont b disappointed!!!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

haven... again

haven the musical is almost here
and choral excellance is nxt week
bio test has passed
R&J test has passed
and my grandfather had an eye surgery

well... when i see my schedule for nxt week... i can feel the stress liao
o well...
1 thing at a time i guess...

choral excellance 1st!!!

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Haven the musical: a blast from the past with great music.
The storyline, i think, brings out something in everyone, even the audiences...
The storyline is beautiful
The music is (most) wonderful... even inspirational
I've now (believe it or not) come to develop a certain bond to the musical
but i've been severly disappointed
I've been called down to waste my time at rehearsals
It is stressed that we (the chorus) is needed... BADLY!!!
but it is not show!!!
like today, we were supposed to be slotted into the dance for the song 'to be or not to be'
but guess what? we spent the rehearsal practicing the dance BACKSTAGE!!
we didnt even get slotted in!
i have one more thing 2 comment about at this time: the cast
probably 10-15% of the cast is actually committed to this musical; dedicated to the musical
and the rest? i feel that they arent taking anything seriously
comon they KNOW what commitment and dedication is! there is probably a representative from every other major sport or club/society in the musical. dont come and tell me that they do not know the meaning of dedication!!
the actual thing is 1 month away, and there is 0 stress here!! it really feels like no one is taking anything seriously!
i really feel that the lack of dedication from the cast is a major flaw which should have been sorted out from the start!
additionally, i keep hearing untrue, biased and totally uncalled for comments about the chorus!
i feel that the chorus is (in a way) doing the cast a BIG favor!
in most musicals, the cast should be self-sufficient! there is no need for a back-up chorus! and here we are, backing the cast up...
i mean, it is totally excusable that the cast cant sing, cause lets face it, the cast was probably chosen based on their acting skill and not their singing skills with the exception of a few...
We're even putting the choir's name at stake! if the musical turns out to be a flop, people would begin to generalize the choir as bad just because we were part of the musical!
but all i can say now is this:
i'm part of haven. i'm dedicated to haven. not just because the choir made a dedication to be part of this musical, but also because i believe in this musical, because i want to be proud of this musical. i have decided that i will tolerate all things that are out of human hands, uncontrolable things, but i will not make a promise to not complain. i have also decided to suffer silently the injustice doled out to the choir, and find any chance possible to prove everyone wrong: that the ACS(Independent) choir a good choir.
God will make a way, when there seems to be no way;
He works in ways we cannot see...
Maybe there is something for the choir at the end of this
maybe there is that light at the end of the tunnel
it may be the oncomming train
or we may just be to blinded to see the goodness in that light
all i can do is hope and pray and trust in the Lord
entrust everything into his hands

everything happens for a reason... nothing in this world is coincidential

p.s. all i have jus said is from a personal standpoint.

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